Residency and Educational Offerings

In addition to out-of-the-box performances and curating exciting new commissioning projects, Invoke offers a wide variety of educational presentations and interactive projects that are individually catered to the communities’ needs. From sensory-friendly concerts to composition competitions to creating DIY soundscapes with non-musicians, Invoke has something for everyone. Read on below or download a PDF here:

After Show Talk
Master Class

Large Format Presentations


Azure Family Concerts (multiple 45 min. Concerts)


Azure is a unique performance experience, specifically for people with cognitive disabilities of all ages and walks of life, and those close to that community. All are welcome!


Azure is a joyful event, free of judgement and traditional concert hall norms, where the whole family can enjoy a high-quality concert experience. We create a sensory-friendly space where all can interact with the music in any way they feel - movement, vocalizations, and reactions of all types are welcome.


We curate a program and venue at a high artistic level that meets the needs of those with cognitive disabilities. Move or dance in any direction! We provide a suitable surface and plenty of space. We provide a wide array of fun tactile fidgets (feather boas, stress balls, etc.) to provide relief and to help keep the audience engaged and excited. Attractive non-fluorescent lighting enhances the experience and eliminates the buzzing/humming of traditional fluorescent lighting. Earplugs or noise cancelling headphones are also available on request.


Invoke first curated Azure in Austin in the spring of 2017. Working closely with the University of Texas at Austin and the Central Texas Autism Center, invoke successfully hosted the first concert of this nature at the Butler School of Music. With a nearly sold out house, we have made the first crucial step in connecting the joy of live music with the vibrant neuro-diverse community in the Austin area. Please help us bring this transformative experience to your community!

The Creative Process: An Interactive Workshop (90 min. Pres., All Ages, Large Groups)


Invoke presents an exciting, hands-on workshop to teach the basics of collaboration through the lens of chamber music. Realizing the importance of utilizing these skills in any environment, invoke has created an intensive experience that showcases the important role that collaboration plays in any form of the creative process. In a fun and engaging presentation, Invoke provides attendees with the tools necessary to express, teach, and execute a creative idea in tandem with their colleagues - simultaneously making their own voice heard while assimilating and understanding the individual contributions of everyone within their team.


This program intends to broaden the horizons of those who often work creatively in small teams - students in any discipline, researchers, entrepreneurs and business owners - anyone who regularly synthesizes multiple creative minds into one distinct output.


After a brief introductory performance, Invoke presents some ideas of non-traditional collaborations, featuring works by American composers Steven Snowden and Danny Clay. The workshop attendees actively participate in a group icebreaker sound-art experience, followed by several other examples of non-traditional, untrained musical performances.


The rest of the workshop involves the attendees creating one of these experiences themselves! Each person creates an individual, personal sound, then blends it with a larger and larger group until a culminating group performance.


Small Format Presentations


Songs Are Stories! (40 min. Concert, All Ages)

An interactive presentation that educates students on the string quartet instruments and the use of music as story through a presentation of invoke’s original compositions. The program’s goal is to encourage students to go out and create something new and exciting for themselves.


The String Quartet: How We Got Here (50 min. Pres., Young Adult +)


A presentation for students that contextualizes the string quartet canon by highlighting its relation to other artistic and societal movements throughout history. Students leave the presentation with insight into the creative process and how the marriage of old and new ideas is a recipe for success.


Collaboration for Dummies (50 min. Pres., Young Adult +, Chamber Groups)


Geared towards chamber music groups and ensembles of all sizes, invoke presents concepts dealing with group values and goal alignment as well as tools to help students face the challenges of collaborative music-making. Students gain a greater understanding of how to bring a piece of music form the practice room to the performance space in an efficient and productive way.


Anatomy of a Rehearsal (50 min. Interactive Pres., Young Adult +)


An informative presentation on the process of string quartet rehearsing from first read to detailed examination of the music geared towards more beginning to intermediate ensemble players interested in rehearsal and group interaction techniques.