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T-Shirt Order Form!

We're finally back in the T-shirt game!


Our tie-dye Invoke t-shirts are hand made custom to order by Zach, with a wide variety of color and pattern options to choose from. No two shirts will ever be alike!

Each shirt costs $40 ($45 for 2XL), with multiples receiving a discount. We can accept payment via card, cash, or check (made out to "Invoke"). The form will stop accepting submissions after Sunday August 7, so Zach will have time to make them all before we leave for Michigan!

Currently, this order form is only available to 2022 Interlochen Adult Chamber Camp participants, since we will collect payment and deliver the shirts in person during the camp. For those who might not get their specific orders submitted in time, we'll also have at least a few extras on hand available for sale - we'll try our best to estimate how many of which sizes to bring so everyone who wants one can get in on the fun!

Order Form
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