An Evening with Invoke

The most requested set (and most modular) Invoke hand-selects a program, featuring their extended instrumentation. The particular pieces selected change over time, as Invoke writes and discovers more great music. It always is centered around their original tunes and arrangements, but often includes some commissioned works, and other awesome jams, both modern and classic. Invoke standards Dogs and Souls in the Mud might lead right into a bit of Ravel’s String Quartet, with side helpings of Danny Clay’s Good Night and Paul Wiancko’s LIFT. With each iteration, Invoke ensures the organic flow and arc of this musical storytelling experience.

American Postcards

With American Postcards, Invoke realizes a long-time dream as an ensemble: to commission some of the most innovative young American composers today to write music for our unique instrumentation, music that challenges us and our audiences to take a new look at the story of the American experience. Current Postcard composers include Akshaya Avril Tucker, Jon Bingham, Takuma Itoh, James Parker, Steve Snowden, Niko Schroeder, David Kirkland Garner, and Ian Dicke.

Movie Night

As part of the Austin Chamber Music Center’s Summer Festival, Invoke has written and performed two film scores, with a third on the way for Summer 2020. Lotte Reiniger’s The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926, 65min) is the oldest surviving full-length animation, and Invoke’s improvisatory score matches the story’s mix of lighthearted and more sinister themes. With their second film score, Invoke ventured further into the depths of their creative capacity. Fantastic Planet by René Laloux (1973, 71min) is a groundbreaking French animation telling the story of the power struggle between the human “Om” civilization and the dominant giant blue humanoid race, the “Draag.” Invoke captures sound-world of the bizarre visuals with a mixture of string and electronic textures.